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After being introduced to the idea of the pairing CloudxReno by a friend, I decided to search low and high for a community and didn't come across anything amazingly active, so using my wonderful skills ::cough:: I came up with the idea for cloudxreno.
If you hadn't guessed, this community supports yaoi and homosexual type relationships between males, which means if this offends you, please don't join.


I. This community is open to anything related to the pairing CloudxReno. This includes fanart, fanfics, icons, graphics, media, etc of any sort.
II. All pictures and written works must be placed behind a cut. If you don't know how to make one, look here. (Non spoiling icon teasers and thumbnails are fine).
III. No flaming of any kind. Letting a person know your opinion in a constructive manner is one thing, going overboard and insulting them or hurting their feelings.
IV. Spoilers are allowed, but please, if you're going to post any, put them behind a cut and put an obvious warning somewhere on the post.

If you seriously have a problem, or feel someone is violating these rules, please contact me and let me know. I won't bite your head off, honest XD;;


Please contact the following email address regarding any questions you have about this community or to send feedback.
axelified: reno@inbox.com
If you wish to contact me directly, or add me, visit axelified


wonderland__ :: Wonderland Graphics for all your base/icon needs.

*Credit goes to Hybrid Genesis for the header textures.